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My device has been lost or stolen, what should I do?
My device has been lost or stolen, what should I do?

Our team are here to help if something has happened to your device

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We’re sorry that something happened to your Raylo device.

If you have insurance with Raylo:

If your device is insured through Raylo, we're here to help. Learn how to start an insurance claim here.

Unsure about insurance coverage?

If you're uncertain whether you opted for insurance when you signed up, log into your Raylo Account here to check if you have the option to submit a claim. Additionally, consider checking with your bank or home insurance to determine if your tech is covered by them.

If you aren't covered by insurance:

Follow these steps:

  1. Utilise 'Find My': Attempt to locate your device using 'Find My.' If unsuccessful, proceed to the next step.

  2. Notify your network provider: Inform your network provider within 24 hours of loss or theft to block your device.

  3. Report to the Police: If your device is stolen, report it to the police within 48 hours and obtain a crime reference number.

  4. Contact our team: Open a chat here, select 'Something else' then 'My device has been lost or stolen.' We'll assist in disabling the device and discuss available options.

What are my options if my device has been lost or stolen and I am not covered by insurance?

  1. Pay a replacement fee: We’ll send you a replacement and your monthly subscription payments will continue

  2. Continuing making monthly payments: Then pay a non-return fee at the end of your lease

  3. Cancel your subscription: Pay an early cancellation charge and non-return fee to cancel your Raylo subscription.

If you wish to pay a replacement fee or cancel your subscription our team will help you process this option, please start a chat here then select 'Something else', then 'My device has been lost or stolen'.

Raylo is dedicated to assisting you through this process. If you have questions or need support, our team is here to help. Your experience with Raylo matters to us.

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