Returning your tech damaged

Repair Charges when returning your tech to Raylo

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A quick recap, if you've taken our insurance policy you'll be covered against loss, theft and accidental damage.

However, if you return the goods to us damaged, we may charge you for the cost of repair as outlined by the Repair Charges set out in your agreement.


Fair Wear & Tear (Grade C) - No charge

Obvious signs of use such as some deep scratching (2 or fewer deep scratches on front glass that are less than 3cm in length), small dents, discolouring or changes in the paintwork, but no cracks anywhere on the Goods.

Significant Damage (Grade D) -  Repair Charge

Some level of cosmetic damage such as significant deep scratching, chips, cracks and/or more significant dents. Or maybe in the visual condition of Grade C, but has a functional fault identified during our testing process.

Functional fault examples:

  • Broken speaker or earphone

  • 3 or more deep scratches greater than 2cm

  • Water damage (still functional)

  • Damaged/ non-functioning buttons, ports, SIM tray

  • Cracked screen/ screen burn (still fully functional)

  • Display popped/ screen displaced

  • Broken camera

Locked or Major Functional Damage (Grade E) -  Repair Charge

Maybe in the visual condition of Grade C or D but all data has not been deleted, or the Goods is logged in to any of your personal accounts; or any security features (including any user-set password, passcode, pattern, biometric security or remote protection features such as ‘Find my phone’) have not been disabled; or

The Goods have a major functional fault identified during our testing process.

Major functional fault examples:

  • LCD Bleed/LCD Damage

  • Won’t Power on

  • Touch ID fault

  • Water damage (unit does not function)

  • Bent device

  • Engraved device

  • Broken or missing battery

  • Software issues – device freezes, will not start up or any software component failing

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