Using 'Find My' for iPhone or iPad
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Set up Find My so that if you ever miss-place your device, you can find it.

Follow these simple steps to activate 'Find My' for your iPhone or iPad

  1. Launch the Settings app.

  2. Click your name, then Click Find My

  3. Click Find My [device] and then switch on Find My [device].

If you want to be able to find your lost device on a map, make sure Location Services is turned on. To do this, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services, and turn on Location Services.

If you’re asked to sign in, enter your Apple ID. If you have forgotten this don't panic, Apple will be able to help.

If you have turned this service on and have realised you are missing your beloved device, use the following steps to rescue it:

  1. Use the 'Find My' app located on your device to locate and play a sound on a missing device or to locate it on a map

  2. In the Devices list, tap the device you want to locate.

    • If the device can be located, it should appear on the map so you can see exactly where it is.

    • If the device can’t be located, you will see “No location found” under the device’s name. Under Notifications, turn on Notify When Found. You will then receive a notification once it’s located.

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