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What happens after the lease term?
Can I keep my Raylo device after the lease?
Can I keep my Raylo device after the lease?
Find out about the non-return fee
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Can I keep my Raylo device after the lease?

Under the terms of your lease you do not own your device. If you do not return it, you will need to pay us a fee. The fee depends on the model of your device and number of monthly payments you've made.

Other FAQs

How much is the non-return fee?

The non-return fee is outlined in the Hire Agreement which can be found in the checkout.

Where can I find the non-return fee if I am already a customer?

You can find the non-return fee within your signed Hire Agreement with Raylo, which was sent to you via email when placing your order.

Not yet a customer and want more information?

If you don’t want to return your device or upgrade at the end of the lease you can simply continue paying monthly.

If you are unable to return your device you’ll have to pay a non-return fee. This will be outlined in your Hire Agreement when signing up with Raylo.

If you want to purchase the device, which would enable you to sell it or give it to somebody else, please contact us to discuss.

Can I pay the non-return fee in instalments?

No, you can’t pay the non-return fee in instalments. You can either pay this in full, or continue to pay your monthly subscription for your device.

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