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What is Raylo Pay?

Raylo Pay powers leasing. We can offer you more flexibility when it comes to getting a new mobile, tablet or laptop, through low-cost, great-value leasing plans.

How does leasing work?

It’s simple. Choose the tech and leasing term you want. Raylo Pay will run a soft credit check to make a decision on your application. If you’re accepted, you’ll receive your tech and can enjoy it for the length of your lease plan. At the end of your plan, you can either upgrade for free, keep or return your tech.

Who provides my tech with Raylo Pay?

The merchant will provide your tech and you will receive delivery updates from them.

Is there a credit check?

There’s a soft credit check. That means if your application isn’t approved, your credit score isn’t affected. If your application is approved, then a full search will appear on your credit file.

How can I make a payment for my Raylo Pay account?

You can make a payment by logging into your Raylo Account here.

How do I cancel my Raylo Pay lease?

Please contact the merchant to discuss any cooling off cancellations.

For cancellations outside of the cooling off period, please contact us here to discuss cancellation of your lease.

How can I contact Raylo about my Raylo Pay payments?

Find out how to contact us here.

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