At Raylo we are passionate about providing a positive experience for all our customers and support those who are experiencing financial difficulties. In order for us to do this we require these customers to complete an online check via Account Score.

Account Score is an Open Banking system that is regulated, as are Raylo, by the FCA. Account Score is used to replace the old traditional method of sending paper bank statements and utility bills into a company before completing an income and expenditure form, which can be very time consuming.

Once an Open Banking request has been completed we will check the information and report back to you. Our solution to your financial difficulties may include the option of returning the phone and closing your account or we may provide you with a suitable repayment plan.

Please note that Account Score must be completed with your main transactional account. If you are unsure which account to use please use the same account you used during your Raylo application.

We can arrange to send you a Account Score link via email. To start this process please contact us via live chat by clicking the blue chat icon at the bottom of the screen. Our business hours are between 09:30 and 17:30 Monday to Saturday.

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