Which phones can I trade-in?

We accept a wide range of iPhone and Samsung devices for trade-in. Find out if yours is eligible when you are applying.

How do I package my phone for trade-in?

The packaging will be supplied by the DPD driver so all you need to do is hand over your old phone. Please remember to remove the activation lock and sign out of any personal accounts on your iPhone or Samsung.

When will my trade-in be collected?

DPD will notify you of the trade-in collection by text and email, this is usually a few days after your Raylo phone has been delivered. The notification states they will be doing a swap, this is how we get the packaging to you.

What if I miss my collection?

DPD will automatically try to collect your old phone two more times, after this your trade-in will be cancelled. You can also reschedule your collection by clicking on the notifications you receive.

How will I know that my trade-in is complete?

You will receive an email once complete, including the date you should expect your first monthly instalment in your bank account.

How will I receive payment for my trade-in?

You will receive your monthly cashback to your bank account the same day as the first payment date for your Raylo lease. This will be 30 days after the dispatch of your Raylo phone.

Why have I been given a revised offer for my trade-in?

When we received your phone and it was inspected by our expert technicians, it was not in the condition you specified. To be able to continue with the trade-in we have to revise your offer slightly.

Can I cancel my trade-in after the phone has been collected?

Once your trade-in has been accepted you won't be able to cancel it as the phone will already be on the way to a new home.

If you have any other questions, contact us and we will happily help.

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