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Covid-19 Delivery Update
Covid-19 Delivery Update

Additional information to help you with the delivery of your Phone during this difficult time

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Service Operations

All fulfilment, sortation and delivery operations are continuing as normal and we are also seeing good service levels with next day delivery on most in stock Phones.

Safe Working Practices

Protecting people and customers remains DPDs top priority. A number of social distancing practices have been implemented to ensure safe distances are observed at all times.
These measures are constantly monitored and reviewed to ensure:

  • People stay 2 metres apart during briefings and for all operational procedures such as loading and unloading vehicles

  • Driver start times are staggered to reduce the numbers of drivers on site at any one time

  • Potential bottlenecks have been removed at entrance and exit points by creating new ones

  • People are kept 2 metres apart on walkways with the help of chevrons

  • Badges are issues for all people to wear to remind everyone to keep a safe distance

Everything possible is being done to support customers and people to minimise any disruption and continue to keep working safely.

Contact Free Delivery

We've improved our contact free delivery process to include photo capture proof of delivery. 

You will not be asked to sign the delivery handheld units and drivers will take a photo of the parcel at the point of delivery.

Here's the new signature screen:

This now forms our proof of delivery process for all deliveries until further notice.

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