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What if I'm already contracted to a network?
What if I'm already contracted to a network?

Keeping your SIM contract and selling your old phone gets you a better deal with Raylo.

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Raylo’s phones are all SIM free and unlocked. This means if you’re already contracted to a network for your SIM, you can keep your current SIM and sign up with Raylo. It’s that simple.

More information to save you money...

In 2019 a new Text to Switch service was introduced aimed at making changing between networks easier. When you text “PAC” to “65075” it provides you with a PAC code and a total charge for ending your contract early.

  • When you're nearing the end of your contract period, contact your network to discuss your SIM-only options

  • You should be able to negotiate a better price per month for your SIM only deal or shop around for a better one😎

We think it's Smarter to uncouple your phone and SIM (SIM-only), a subscription with Raylo allows you to do this. 

It is also Simpler and more Sustainable as we ensure you get the latest tech at an affordable price whilst still removing all the hassle by recycling your old phone for you.

Contact us if you'd like to know more.

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