Raylo will take your monthly subscription fee on the same date every month. However, if that date falls on a weekend or on a bank/public holiday, the Direct Debit payment will go out on the next working day.

For example: If your monthly Direct Debit date is the 27th of every month, but the 27th is a Saturday in August, then the Direct Debit should be paid on Monday 29th. If however, Monday 29th is a Bank Holiday, it should go out on Tuesday 30th.

Other reasons

Direct Debits can also fail for a number of different reasons, such as when there aren't enough funds in your bank account, when the Direct Debit instruction has been cancelled, when your bank account has been closed or if a bank has not had enough time to setup a new Direct Debit.

We recommend speaking to your bank if you’re uncertain about why a Direct Debit payment hasn’t happened.

Alternatively, log in to your Raylo account and start an online chat with us – we’ll investigate for you and try to fix any problems.

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