What is a Notice of Sums in Arrears?

This is a notice that we are obliged to send to a customer. It is designed to inform you when you have missed two payments on your Raylo Agreement. It will tell you how much is due on your account and ask you to make contact with us to discuss your options.

Why have I been sent a NOSIA?

You will have received this notice as you will have been at least two payments in arrears on your agreement that you have with Raylo. You will have still received this notice even if you have made an agreement to pay these arrears.

Does this arrears notice affect my credit score?

The notice itself does not have any effect on your credit score but your repayment to Raylo will be reported to the Credit Reference Agency as will any missed payments on your agreement.

If you need further information, we suggest you review your free credit report from Credit Karma (www.creditkarma.co.uk) or ClearScore (www.clearscore.com).

Does this affect the arrears on my account?

This does not affect the outstanding arrears balance on your account and no additional charges have been added to your account at this time. We would still like to help you resolve the arrears on your account.

If you wish to discuss this or make a payment, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our payments team by emailing payments@raylo.com or by calling us on 0333 050 9541

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