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How can I add more tech to my Raylo account?
How can I add more tech to my Raylo account?

How to lease even more of the latest tech with Raylo

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Raylo customers can become eligible to lease multiple products soon after their first few payments. Making all your payments on time will mean you can get more tech sooner.

Adding more tech

To add more tech just log into your Raylo Account and follow these steps:

  1. Select Add Tech

  2. Choose the tech you would like to add to your account

  3. Follow our quick and easy order process

Once your order is successfully placed, our couriers will deliver your new tech straight to your door.

Why can't I see the option to Add Tech?

If you can't see the option to add more tech in your account, this means you're not eligible just yet.

When will I be eligible?

As soon as you are eligible, you'll be notified by SMS and email, ensuring you don't miss out on leasing more of the latest tech.

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