How will Raylo contact me when it’s time for me to upgrade? We’ll be in touch by email and SMS letting you know in good time when you're due an upgrade. You can also log in to your Raylo account to see when your upgrade is due.

Can I upgrade early? An early upgrade is something we don't support right now but if there is enough demand we'll look at introducing it in the future.

Will there be another credit check when I upgrade? There's no hard credit check - instead it will leave a soft search that's not visible on your credit report and won't impact your credit score.

I paid extra due to my credit, will I pay this again when I upgrade? If you have made all of your payments on time for the duration of your lease, we will offer you our lowest standard pricing when it’s time to upgrade.

Can I keep my old phone as well as upgrade? Yes that is no problem - once you’ve completed your upgrade, you can contact us to keep your current phone by paying a non-return fee.

What if I don’t return my phone within 14 days? If we don't receive it within the time frame your monthly payments may continue, we hope that this is enough time to transfer everything over and remove your data.

Should I return the accessories with my old phone? You can hold onto the headphones and charger cable. However, you can send back your old Raylo screen protector and case for us to recycle responsibly.

Do I have to upgrade right away? Nope - you can extend your phone subscription after the initial lease term by simply continuing to pay your monthly subscription for up to 36 months.

My phone is damaged, what should I do? If you have insurance, you can submit a claim for accidental damage to the device before returning. Alternatively, you can pay the relevant damage fee on return of the device. Find out more here.

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