How do I upgrade?

An overview on upgrading after your term.

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How to Upgrade with Raylo

Upgrading with Raylo really is simple. Here’s a quick summary of how it works.

1. Make sure you’re eligible for upgrade

After your lease term with your current device, it’s upgrade time. You can log in to your Raylo account to check when your upgrade is due. We’ll also communicate with you to let you know when it’s coming up by email and SMS.

2. We deliver the new device

Once you’re ready to upgrade – and after the necessary checks – our couriers will deliver your brand new device to your door.

3. Return your old device

Return your old device to us as soon as possible as you'll be charged monthly payments until we receive it. We'll make sure it gets refurbished so someone else can get a brand new device.

4. And you’re done

If there's a final instalment due we'll let you know, otherwise that's it done.

It’s really that simple – it is smarter and more sustainable to upgrade your device.

Start upgrading with Raylo today

Ready to upgrade? Start your upgrade with Raylo today. We’ll take you through each step of the upgrade process and provide you with regular updates about your order.

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