No charger? No problem.

Find out what comes with your new phone and why the usual accessories are no longer included.

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If you are wondering why your new phone box seems a little smaller and a little slimmer, the answer is pretty simple; sustainability.

You may have heard that Apple and Samsung will no longer include:

  • wall chargers

  • earbuds

You will still receive:

  • SIM tool

  • charging cable

Unlike previous models, the newer phone models will come with only a USB-C to Lightning cable for Apple phones and USB-C to USB-C for Samsung phones. This decision means far less mining, packaging, and planet-heating carbon dioxide emissions associated with making the products.

Apple report that customers have been accumulating USB power adapters over the course of years and that this small change can make a whole lot of difference.

At Raylo we are all about sustainability; providing the tech you want without costing the Earth. This approach from Apple and Samsung is your opportunity to reduce the 51,000 tonnes of e-waste per year that are generated from chargers alone.

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