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What SIM cards can I use with my Samsung?

SIMs, SIMs and more SIMs.

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Every device in the Samsung range has a hybrid SIM tray.

Hybrid SIM trays have one SIM card slot and a second slot that can take a second SIM or a microSD card. This gives you the flexibility to choose whether you would rather use your phone with dual SIMs or have extra storage.

They also support eSIMs. This gives you the best of both worlds, unlocking all the possibilities of dual SIM functionality while still allowing you to expand your storage.

What SIM card set up can I use?

  • SIM card in slot 1

  • SIM card in slot 1 and a microSD card in slot 2

  • SIM card in slot 1 and a SIM card in slot 2

  • SIM card in slot 1, microSD card in slot 2 and an eSIM

Setting up your phone with eSIM

  1. Head into your Settings > Connections.

  2. Select SIM card manager.

  3. Tap on + Add mobile plan.

  4. Your phone will then search for any connected eSIM plans, if it is unable to find anything you can Add using QR Code or Add using activation code.

  5. Position the QR code or barcode within the guide lines to scan it.

  6. Once your place has been added tap on OK.

  7. Once you have activated your eSIM, you can view in SIM card manager.

When using Dual SIM, please note the following:

  • When you’re on a phone call, any incoming calls on your other line (including calls from emergency services) will go directly to voicemail (if available from your network). You won’t receive missed call notifications. If you set up conditional call forwarding (if available from your network) from one line to another when a line is busy or not in service, the calls don’t go to voicemail - contact your network for setup information.

  • Call waiting will only work for incoming calls on the same line.

  • If you make a phone call from another device by relaying it through your Phone with Dual SIM, the call will be made using your default voice line.

  • If you start a text or picture message conversation using one line, you can't switch the conversation to your other line. You'll need to delete the conversation and start a new one using the other line. Also, you may receive additional charges if you send text or picture attachments on the line that’s not your cellular data line.

  • Instant HotSpot and Personal Hotspot use the line chosen for cellular data.

  • Choose settings that minimise charges, especially when you travel with your Phone.

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