Love the bigger screens but want to be able to reach it all with one hand? Then fear not Samsung have got that covered with their 'One-Handed Mode' feature.

Samsung allows you to personalise your phone to maximise the reach on your screen.

To enable ‘One-Handed Mode’:

  • Go to your Apps screen by swiping up or down from your home screen
  • Go to settings
  • Find "One-Handed Mode” - Open it
  • Touch the slider to turn on One-Handed Mode as seen in the screen below – make sure the switch is blue to turn it on
  • Then all you have to do is choose from the following options:
  • Gesture: Swipe up diagonally from either bottom corner to enable One-Handed Mode
  • Button: Tap the HOME button three times to enable One-Handed Mode

And that’s it! We hope this is something you find useful 😁

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