How to set up your new Samsung Phone

Setting up your new phone is an easy, hassle free process.

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To set up your Samsung you just need to follow the below steps:

1. Keep the phone switched off.

2. Insert your SIM card and close the port.

3. Switch on your Samsung.

4. After the phone turns on, it will ask you to choose a language you want to proceed in.

5. Choose your preferred language.

6. Now, the phone will ask you to connect to a nearby WiFi.

7. Allow the phone to scan for nearby networks available.

8. Enter the WiFi username and password to connect to the WiFi.

9. After it is connected to the internet, it will ask you to sign in with your Google ID.

10. Log in to your preferred Google ID. If you have your two-step authentication

process enabled, look for the check that the phone prompts you to have.

11. Post login, the phone will be linked to your Google account.

12. You will now be given two options. Either you can choose to restore the data from the backup or simply skip to the next step and back up the data later.

13. Your new Samsung will prompt you to enter a screen lock password. Enter the one you think is safe and secure. You can choose from patterns, fingerprint and more.

That's you - good to go 😁

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