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Can I use my own insurance?
Can I use my own insurance?

Additional information to simplify having your own insurance.

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Yes, of course you can use your own insurance but we also provide this as optional in case you don't have any๐Ÿ‘.ย 

If you choose to use your own insurance โ€“ a couple of things we'd recommend to check with your provider:ย 

  • does the insurance cover you outside of the home;

  • what's the excess; andย 

  • does it cover loss, theft and accidental damage.

How other insurance works with your Raylo subscription

Your provider may require some form of 'proof' to confirm you have responsibility of the device and also prevent insurance fraud โ€“ this simply means you provide them the basic details of your device: make, model, serial number and IMEI.

We will provide this to you when you order and we recommend (most policies also say this) you pre โ€“ register these details with your insurance provider ahead of time to streamline any claim for you.

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