Raylo is here to show you how getting a new phone every two years can be done differently – and more responsibly, and cheaper.

We make sure you'll never go without a phone by giving you flexibility with these options:

  1. If you're happy with our service at 24 months you carry on and we will send your next upgrade direct to your door😃. We will do the most sustainable thing we can with the old one, recycling so it's re–used or re–homed🔃.
  2. If you don't want to continue with your subscription and want to go with someone else, you can. Simply return the phone to us and cancel your subscription, again we'll take care of the recycling for you🔃.
  3. If you're not ready to upgrade or cancel, you can extend your phone subscription after the 24 month point by simply continuing to pay your monthly subscription😃.

We have designed Raylo's monthly subscription price (which is substantially less than our competitors with full insurance https://www.raylo.com/#pricing) to include returning the phone at the end of the subscription period.

However, if after 24 months you wanted to keep the device permanently and not return it, you can pay a non-return fee and keep the phone😎. The fee depends on the model you have, i.e.

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