Just like the high street banks, the mobile networks are stuck in the past and we believe that it’s time for a change. We have a big vision of a mobile experience that's better in every single way, but we're starting with the most important part – a better new way to pay monthly for the best phones and stay SIM-only. 

Imagine your next upgrade was smarter, simpler and more sustainable... 


  • A new 'beyond ownership' model means you pay less. When your term is up (12 or 24 months), you choose to keep the phone or have us send you the newest model

  • Smarter insurance that saves money and makes claims quick and easy

  • Stay on a SIM-only contract – it's cheaper and more flexible


  • Seamless online sign-up, and great customer support if you need us

  • A choice between the best iPhones

  • One simple subscription

More Sustainable

  • Old phones contribute to approximately 50 million tonnes of e-waste a year.

  • Your tech shouldn’t be toxic, so we are committed to a reuse programme. 100% of our phones go on to live in the circular economy, used by someone else.

  • Our phone cases are also made from plants, not plastic, and we even make a donation to Plastic Oceans UK when you sign up. 

In short, it’s time to upgrade your mindset as well as your phone. With Raylo, you can be kinder to your pocket and the planet, proving that there’s a smarter, better way to get your tech. 

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