How is Raylo sustainable?

Find out how we're making our sustainable values a reality.

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We can't change the way tech is made, but we are making the way you upgrade to the newest tech more sustainable. 

After all, how many times do old devices end up being banished to a drawer to gather dust for all eternity? Actually, we can tell you – one widely-cited estimate finds up to 125 million old phones are languishing in limbo, and that's in the UK alone.

We’ve found a smarter solution. When we upgrade you to a new device every 12, 24 or 36 months, we take your old tech back and either recycle it or find it a new home. That means fewer old devices being left to rot, or ending up in landfill. Moreover, we offer refurbished tech for the super sustainable customers out there.

Tech shouldn't be toxic, and we’re committed to creating a virtuous circle that cuts waste and promotes green behaviour at an everyday level. Finally, to help even further we will be making a donation to Plastic Oceans UK for every Raylo customer that signs up.

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