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Why would I need insurance?
Why would I need insurance?

Our approach to covering your tech, explained.

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Dropped down the loo. Nicked out of your back pocket. Left on a slow boat to China. Accidents happen, and most of us have got at least one good horror story to share.

But here’s the thing: we never want to see you left stranded without backup tech.

With Raylo's subscription you can get full insurance (5* rated) as part of your one monthly payment from £6.99. It covers against loss, theft and accidental damage, which means you can rest easy when something does go wrong. Typically the big networks charge £15 a month – and that's on top of their punchy 'handset & SIM' contracts.

Our claims process is also quicker and simpler, giving you the peace of mind you’ll get a repair or replacement device ASAP should the worst happen.

You can read the "Insurance Policy Summary" here: for an overview of what's covered, what's not covered, and the policy's excesses. 

Now, where did you leave your keys?

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